Sight Words Sentence Builder 1.1

Sight Words Sentence Builder 1.1: Learn Sight Words with free Sight Words Sentence Builder. Sight Words Sentence Builder for Windows is a free game that lets students practice their Sight Words in context. This game comes with 45 sentences that use Second Grade Dolch Sight Words. It is appropriate for children in First through Third grades as well as adults learning to read. Random sentence order for each new game play makes Sight Words Sentence Builder less predictable and more enjoyable for students.

Snake Sentence 1.0: SNAKE SENTENCE a cross between Sudoku and Crosswords.
Snake Sentence 1.0

SENTENCE a cross between Sudoku and Crosswords. 100 % New 100 % logical 100 % Relaxation. Do you know your alphabet? Do you like puzzle games? Do you like letter games? So this new game the game for you! SNAKE SENTENCE is a puzzle game combining logic and words knowledge. Find the letters of the grid and find the secret sentence before the time runs out! Be LOGICAL to complete the grid and use your word skills to discover the hidden sentence. You

letters, word game, logic game, puzzle game

myWordCount 2.01: Software to count words, phrases, sentences in Word, RTF files, pasted text
myWordCount 2.01

Writers can improve their writing by using this tool to count all words and phrases in their MS Word document, RTF files, websites and pasted text. Each occurence of words, phrases or sentences is counted and displayed in a sortable table. You can simply click on a word and the tool will highlight all occurences of that word or phrase in the document. It also graphs all sentence lengths to identify and find those long sentences.

count phrases, author, writing, average sentence length, graph word usage, writer, overused words, grammar, count words, writing tool, improve writing, editing

Combine a sentence game 7: Combine a sentence by using words
Combine a sentence game 7

Combine a sentence by using words. Take a Look at these free online speed reading techniques. Ability to concentrate on the problem is one of the constituent parts of the successful mental work. Combine a sentence by using words. Ability to concentrate on the problem is one of the constituent parts of the successful mental work.

sentence, combine, using, words

Colorful Email Creator 1.9: Create html email  and email card with styles, emoticons, signatures, cliparts.
Colorful Email Creator 1.9

sentence library, which include many greeting sentence, head sentence and end sentences. You can add them or modify it as you like. You can also save your email as template and easily use it the next time. Colorful Email Creator lets you take full control over what your emails look like. Whether you need to be formal or informal, or are feeling happy or sad, Colorful Email Creator`s Web Gallery offers you a constantly updated collection of Letter

email card, html email creator

Alpha Catcher – Spelling Edition 1.0: Alpha Catcher was designed for kids and adults both. Fun game Spelling Edition
Alpha Catcher – Spelling Edition 1.0

sentence in limited time period. ==================================== -> Game divided into 3 Modes. *Normal Mode: One By One Click On The Fish ""ABCD"" And Finish A to Z alphabets... Fish is sequential, Reverse or random order. *Classic Mode: Find the correct letter or each sentence on fish and complete the word or sentence *Quick Mode: Find the correct letter of each word on fish and complete the sentence. You have limited lives and only 5 minutes

search, alphabets, find, water, abcd, fish, shark, under water, kids game, puzzle game, crab

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HS NMEA GPS C Source Library 1.0

sentences: $GPGGA, $GPGSA, $GPGSV, $GPGLL, $GPRMC and $GPVTG. Decoded parameters include: time, date, position, altitude, speed, course and heading, according to standard - NMEA-183 (National Marine Electronics Association, Interface Standard 0183. * HOW IT WORKS: HS GPS library continuously reads asynchronous data stream from a serial port and analyses the information to recognize and decode NMEA-183 Protocol sentences. After each message is received

gps decoder, fleet tracking, heading, gpgsv, nmea decoder, nmea 183, gpgsa, speed, global positionning system, telematics, altitude, gpvtg, course

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